What is Active Travel and Sustainable Transport?

What is Active Travel?

Active travel means making journeys by physically active means – walking, cycling, scooting and rolling (think wheelchair users and rollerbladers). It’s usually used in the context of short, regular, everyday trips and seen as a good way to get to work, school, your town centre and services such as healthcare and leisure.

Choosing active modes of travel can link you to transport hubs such as railway or bus stations and so is an important way of enabling longer journeys to be taken by sustainable modes too.

What is Sustainable Transport?

Sustainable transport means ways of travelling that use minimal resources such as fuel.

Walking, cycling, scooting and rolling are of course sustainable as they use less resource than journeys by motor vehicle. Train, tube, metro, tram and bus are also modes of sustainable transport as they enable more people to be transported with less fuel per person.

Although electric cars are less polluting than diesel or petrol cars they still need a lot of resource per person transported so they are not as sustainable as other modes of transport.

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