Oil Drum Street Planter



These reclaimed oil drum planters are ideal as street barriers (modal filters) to restrict motor vehicle access and help create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs). Much more than just a ‘barrier’ – these bring greenery, wildlife and a mental oasis of calmness along with inspiration to get neighbours involved in a mini community garden.

Available to customers UK-wide ready to be filled and planted up (without installation support). In some areas eg within M25, we can provide support to simply install or to install and manage a community engagement project.

  • Supplied with 200L of compost
  • Waist-high units (850mm height x 600mm diam) can support significant growth of trees and shrubs
  • Durable: the structure will last for decades
  • Eco: a relatively lightweight, reclaimed material.
  • Can be painted however you wish – they come in basic red/blue/green colours.
  • Weighing up to 400kg when filled, these can be moved short distances if required, but are heavy enough to deter vandals and block traffic.
  • Can also be anchored into pavements using adhesives or fixtures for an extra cost.
  • Choice of large or small plants.
  • Other container options available.
  • Optional extra: trolley base so planter can be moved more easily.
  • Quick fix version: Can be supplied with lid and filled with water once in situ for fast street filter solution.

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