Pine Street Planter



The most affordable street planter in our range – helping you create calm, green neighbourhoods.  Position where you suffer from rat-running and need something to restrict through-traffic. These act as modal filters – stopping motor vehicles from getting through but allowing cycles, trikes, mobility scooters and those on foot to pass. With a lovely quiet street residents have the option of getting involved in creating a mini community garden.
UK-wide: Pre-cut timber pieces can be delivered to site with the necessary fixtures and tool fittings, with simple instructions on how to assemble.
In some areas eg within M25, our installation and community engagement service is also available.
  • Square planter of 1200×1200 of pine boards. (photo shows smaller hexagonal version).
  • FSC certified softwood boards will last for 5 years* or more.
  • Can be painted by local communities in bright colours or with messages.
  • Recommended:  47x225mm boards, stacked two high (450mm), in lengths of not less than 1200mm
  • Includes c. 500L compost.
  • Choice of small or large plants.
  • 1 unit occupies 1200x1200mm.

*For longer durability see our Sleeper Street Planters or Oil Drum Street Planters.

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