Resources to Support Active Travel

Here at Brightwayz we offer an increasing and ever-evolving range of products and services to support your active travel initiatives.

Street Planters as Modal Filters

Modal filters are a way of preventing motor vehicles from ‘rat running’ through neighbourhoods but allowing those cycling or walking to get through. They include items such as street planters or other kinds of barrier. See our range of planters and other Street Filters.

Cycle Racks

The more prominent and the more places you have cycle storage, the more likely people are to think about cycling and feel happier to leave their cycles. This is not just for bikes but trikes and cargo bikes too. Think #CycleRackNudge. See our range of Cycle Racks and related equipment such as cycle pump stations.

Cycling Accessories

Items such as cycle bells are not only useful but can carry your campaign message easily. Other items such as LED shoe lights and high vis items can help keep you bright at night or in duller weather. See our Cycling Accessories range of products.

Pavement Stickers, Lamp Post Wraps and Fence Banners

It’s key that you provide the right kind of information in the right place at the right time so people know what the campaigns are about, how to join and what any restrictions are… for example streets closed to motor vehicles during school start and end times, walk zones and how to give feedback. See our Outdoor Campaigns range of products.

Walking Accessories

Of course you don’t actually NEED anything to walk. However some items can make it easier, safer or more attractive. Pedometers are a good incentive to give people for joining your scheme so they can see the benefits. Neck-warmers have a dual use as face coverings and can be branded with your campaign logo. See our Walking Accessories range of products.

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