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Cycle Shopper Bag

Environmentally friendly, safe, durable and convenient shopping bags designed specifically for bicycles. The bags makes it easier to for you to choose the CO2 friendly option when going shopping. Easily clips to your cycle rack.


The Cycle Shopper Bag is an eco-friendly foldable bicycle bag that is easy to bring with you. The bag can be folded up small and is easily attached to your bike's luggage rack. No installing needed. Just click to your luggage rack and go.

  • Easily removable so you can take with you into the shops.
  • 100% recycled woven PP.
  • Attaches to the back rack (see details below).
  • Black handles.
  • Elastic strap for easy closing.
  • Capacity 8 kg.
  • Angled corners to keep bag away from heels when cycling.
  • Stable design allowing the bag to stand on its own. Making it easy to fill and empty.
  • Dimensions:
    When flat: H40xW47xL1 cm
    When filled: H40xW29xL18 cm
  • Fits rear cycle rack - clip will fit on max 2cm width rack frame. (Note needs to be clear, eg no e-bike battery in the way).