Paving the way to active travel.

Brightwayz provides the products, expertise and information resources to support your active travel plans, initiatives and campaigns.

Looking for help with walking to school, cycling and road safety?

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You have a desire to make your local areas, schools and workplaces better - cleaner air, safer roads, reduced congestion, attractive neighbourhoods and thriving businesses... leading to better social, physical and mental health for everyone.

All whilst addressing climate change and the need for economic wellbeing.

You may know choosing safe, active, sustainable ways to travel is better for us all - walking, wheeling, cycling or scooting for everyday journeys - but you need support to help others to form new habits. You are in the right place. 

Brightwayz is your partner for change. Our active travel expertise, campaign products and information provide the solutions you need to engage, motivate and keep inspiring others to travel actively. You will also be supporting a social enterprise to help bring this valuable and sustainable support to others.

So whatever your role in promoting active travel, we are here to help.

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Choose Brightwayz social enterprise as your one-stop shop for products, expertise and information to address your active travel campaign needs.


yellow and orange high vis waistcoats

High Vis Accessories

Blue scooterpod.

Cycle and Scooter Racks

Active Travel Event Flag.

Pop-ups, Parklets and Events

Road Open Sign with Bristol City Council Logo.

Signs, Banners and Stickers

Bike bells I love my bike.

Walk and Cycle Incentives

Walking Bubble Sticker Sheet.

Modeshift STARS

Play Street Pack.

Playing Out CIC

Walking Bus pack.

Active Travel Packs

Cars and Kids Card.

Books and Leaflets



Eco Pencil Case


lanyard with multicolour design

Everyday Promo

Active Travel Solutions for You

gentleman, mid stride walking past the fire door or an orange building.

For Your Area

Promoting sustainable, active travel in cities, towns and villages to create inviting areas for all.

Enabling better, safer modes of travel for the public.

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Double decker bus parked at a bus stop with a passenger ready to embark

For Your Work

Helping you and your colleagues to travel in active sustainable ways.

Learn how to create and implement walking and cycling incentives and promote a sage and active ethos in your workplace.

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pushbikes locked up to oval cycle storage racks

For Your Community

Supporting you as a local active travel advocate.

Enabling individuals and small groups to lead the way in local communities to promote great ways to move around.

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rear view of a mother and 2 young children with rucksacks on their backs walking.

For Your School

Making the school run more active and safer for all.

Discover through Brightkidz how you can get more kids walking, cycling or scooting to school.

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Whether you want to develop a green travel plan for your workplace... encourage others to walk to school... create a change in everyday travel habits across a large area... or just start with making a change in your street, we have the information and resources to help you to create safer, cleaner, greener places.