Welcome to Brightwayz

So, you are looking for ways to promote active travel and sustainable transport – walking, cycling, taking the bus or train, or even car-sharing for everyday journeys. We can help.

Brightwayz provides products, services and information to support your active travel initiatives and we have over 16 years experience in the sector.

We’re great at helping you to make your places better – cleaner air, safer roads, reduced congestion, thriving businesses and healthier people whilst addressing climate change and recovery from Covid-19 impacts.

man on bike, children with walking bubble resources, Isabelle from Wheels for Wellbeing on adapted cycle with Road Open to sign.

Come to us for all your travel plan and active travel campaign resources – not only do you get great value but as we are a social enterprise you also create great social value by choosing us.

Brightwayz and Brightkidz

You may know us as Brightkidz – we’ve been helping local authorities and schools promote active travel for children for over 16 years. Or as Brandmythingy.com, with our range of general promotional products which puts 100% of profits back into our Brightkidz campaigns.

We are also long-time partners of Modeshift, the UK sustainable transport professional body and have a strong network of excellent contacts throughout the sector.

Brightwayz can take you through these challenging times and beyond, helping you to create greener, safer, healthier, more sustainable places.