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We're not just for kids! Brightwayz supports workplaces and communities choosing active travel!

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View our Brightkidz products for children and schools; now part of our Brightwayz range for all. Free delivery for all orders over £25!

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Active travel initiatives for children are key to developing healthy travel habits for life.

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Walking to school, cycling or scooting… active travel has many benefits for children.

Under our Brightkidz name, we’ve nearly twenty years experience helping children across the UK to travel in safe, active ways for their everyday journeys. Now we're Brightwayz and for all ages... but still your specialists for children's active travel resources.

Whether you’re a school, local authority, community organisation or business keen to enable and encourage children to travel in active ways, we can provide active travel initiative information resources and engaging products to support your schemes and make them a success.

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Choose Brightwayz and Brightkidz for all your walk, wheel, cycle, scoot and road safety engagement campaign resources.

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