About Us

Brightwayz was launched in early 2020 to address the needs of businesses, local authorities and communities for support with active travel initiatives, particularly in light of Covid-19.

However, we have been involved in the world of active travel promotion for much longer. We’ve over 16 years experience promoting safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for children under our Brightkidz name.

Supporting Active Travel for Children

Brightkidz and Brightwayz fall under the banner of our company name Safe Kids Walking Ltd. After setting up our own local walk to school scheme over 16 years ago and finding there was a lack of resources and support, we founded Brightkidz as a not-for-profit social enterprise. We now provide information, products and do projects to help schools and local authorities make their active travel campaigns a success. 

Promotional Products with Social Impact

Income from our BrandMyThingy.com range of general promotional products helps support our active travel campaigns and initiatives.

About Social Enterprise

Brightwayz is a social enterprise. Social enterprises are businesses set up with a social mission at their core, profits are locked in (don’t worry we still get paid!!) and most income is earned (unlike charities we don’t depend on grants and donations). We are really proud to be listed in the NatWest SE100 index of the UK’s top 100 social enterprises for the second year in a row. The folks at Social Enterprise UK can tell you more about social enterprise.

Find Out More

For more information about our whole organisation, see our Brightkidz website www.brightkidz.co.uk/about-us

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