Bunny Travels

By Alison Holland

Published: April 19, 2019

Travelling bunny.
2 minute read: 

Do you ever go on a bus? How about a train? Or do you go everywhere by car?

Our #Bunnytravels campaign is about showing children, parents and teachers how great it is to use public transport. Bunny loves to get out and about and can give you lots of tips about using public transport, whilst also introducing you to new friends who help us all travel in safe, active ways.

Although cars are nice and comfortable and sometimes feel like part of your home, they cause lots of problems such as pollution, congestion and road casualties. Did you know they are the world’s biggest killer of young people?

We’re not saying don’t ever go anywhere by car! But if you go everywhere by car you will never learn really important skills like how to travel independently to school or to see friends.

So what’s the alternative? For shorter journeys walking, scooting or cycling is great but if you want to go further public transport is best.

It can be a problem if there isn’t any public transport where you want to go. So just do it when you get the chance.

Nowadays lots of children (and many adults) don’t know how to use public transport but it is important to learn as you never know when you might need it.

Every bus ride or train ride you take instead of going by car is not only good for the environment and road safety but is also helping you to learn to be more independent and resilient. That means your parents won’t have to always be unpaid taxi drivers for you and when you are older you will be able to get to college or work without spending all your hard-earned cash on a car (think of what else you can spend it on instead!).

So why the bunny? Bunny loves to go on public transport (but sometimes goes by car). Here at Brightkidz we go out and about a lot so Bunny comes too and enjoys meeting lots of new friends who are all helping others to have safer, more active journeys.

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