Cycle Art Garden Challenge

By Lance Holland

Published: April 7, 2020

Bicycle on the floor.

Here’s how to be imaginative with your bike, scooter or skateboard… create your own active travel garden art. Make use of all those bits and pieces you find in a garden to design people travelling by bike, scooter or skateboard. Ideal for lockdown or any time afterwards if you are looking for an active travel creative task and it can be adapted for the space you have if you don’t have a garden.

How to Create your Active Travel Garden Art

Lay your bike, scooter or skateboard on a large clear area of ground.

Plan your design and think about the shapes you will need to create it.

Go around your garden or home and find items you can borrow which are different shapes and textures. It’s good to get some contrasting colours too.

Here are some ideas to help – we’re sure yours will be even better!

  • Dry twigs and branches can be bunched together to make arms and legs.
  • Garden hand forks make good hands.
  • Have fun with wild hair designs from weeds.
  • Use a solid item for a face and add features with leaves and flowers. Do these fine details last as they are most likely to get blown by any gusts of wind.
  • Try to make use of interesting patterns, eg the mesh design for the cyclists dress.
  • Although this is a ‘2D’ design, you can add some ‘3D’ elements… eg the log bag as a rucksack.
  • Repeat use of a type of item to create more impact and a strong shape; eg black plant pots in a row to make legs.
  • Try to add some colour to keep your design bright – eg football as a cycle helmet…. you could use an actual cycle helmet but something that represents it is more challenging.

When you have finished make sure you show your family and take a picture. You may need to (safely) stand on a chair to get the best angle… or ask an adult to take a photo for you. Be careful not to cast a shadow which spoils your design when taking a photo.

Remember to pack everything away afterwards!

Calling all Teachers – During and After Lockdown

This is a great task to share with pupils during lockdown. Ask them to send you their photos or get parents to post on twitter or facebook. It encourages them to use their bikes, scooters and skateboards for more than just their daily exercise. It may even encourage parents to get their bikes out of the shed for the first time in a while!

It’s also an activity which you can do at school – integrating active travel into an art lesson counts as a ‘curriculum activity’ for schools working towards the Modeshift STARS school travel accreditation. Make sure you take lots of pics as evidence and for your own displays and social media.

Publish your creations on twitter or facebook and tag @brightkidz so we can see and share your great ideas.

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