Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival

By Alison Holland

Published: August 20, 2021

Among some of the other wonderful sporting events taking place in 2021, Cycling UK’s Big Bike Revival is a quiet giant.

Throughout this year, the team at Cycling UK have been working to support new riders and those looking to return to the saddle with getting their bikes roadworthy, learning skills and joining in organised rides in their local areas.

With restrictions easing across the various parts of the country, the team at Cycling UK are keen that more people know about their mission to make cycling the go-to convenient choice for anyone making shorter journeys in their area or for those looking for a healthy outdoor form of exercise.

What does it involve?

They have already delivered Fix-Learn-Ride events across the country since May, where members of the local community support one another with basic maintenance, refreshing or learning new skills and then joining together for a sociable ride. The programme is set to run until 31st December 2021, so the team are looking for local groups and community organisations to run more of these events. You don’t need specialist skills, as they will support you in getting everything prepared and choosing the ideal space and event to tie it in (why not add a Big Bike Revival event to your local fete or school event? Have it in the local park, market place or school car park!).

How can I get involved?

Contact Cycling UK - or look up your local Cycling Development Officer on the website: There are grants available to support communities in setting up events, so get in touch and see if you can light the cycling spark where you live and work. Send them a message or give them a call to find out how you can make a difference in your neighbourhood.

Old people cycling.

Why is it important?

After the disruption of the past year, many people rediscovered or fell into cycling as a means to explore the outdoors and to make local journeys more rewarding and environmentally sustainable. With the government’s focus on emissions and infrastructure, cycling is something we can all do to reduce our impact on our local environment and to improve our own health and mental well-being. Even if we all switch just one of our shorter journeys to bike, it will make a difference. Plus, the social side of cycling is great fun and provides an excellent excuse to have a slice of cake!

  • For more information about the Big Bike Revival, go to
  • For information about other work Cycling UK does across the country to train ride leaders, offer support and organise social rides for a range of levels, visit
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