Dutch Reach Song Do the Looky Looky

By Alison Holland

Published: January 28, 2022

'Do the looky looky' - well really that IS what it is all about. The Dutch Reach features in the newly updated Highway Code as the technique to use when opening a car door to get out. By using the arm furthest away to open the door you force yourself to turn, look and be able to see anyone, any cycle or any vehicle approaching.

Cycling UK are one of the leading active travel/road safety organisations who have advocated for this change which will save lives. However it is not just for the benefit of cyclists but for anyone. And not just for drivers to learn but passengers too. Opening a car door kerbside without looking can mean a nasty knock to someone walking past. 

It can even cause a risk to the person in the car.  A colleague of mine many years ago pulled into a layby on her way to work. She opened her car door and suddenly it was ripped off by a passing lorry. (She was fortunately not harmed but very shaken). 

However, the biggest risk of injury with 'dooring' is to people cycling past as a door suddenly opening can throw them off their bikes into other traffic.

So it makes sense to add this new rule. But how do we help people to change ingrained habits? For me, a song that gets into your brain is a good way. So these are the lyrics I put together to the tune of 'Hokey Kokey' to help you and those you support with active travel or road safety initiatives to remember and 'get it'. 

Do the Looky Looky (Dutch Reach song)

To the tune of ‘The Hokey Kokey’

Lyrics by Brightwayz

You keep your near arm down.

You stretch your far arm out.

Dutch reach, Dutch reach.

Is anyone about?

You do the Looky Looky as you turn around.

That’s what it’s all about.

Ooh do the Looky Looky. 

Ooh do the Looky Looky. 

Ooh do the Looky Looky. 

Arm stretch, look round before you all get out.

Do the looky looky dutch reach song.

To find out more about the Dutch Reach and see a great video about it, visit https://www.cyclinguk.org/dutchreach


One word of caution, although this sounds like a kids' song the message is really for adults and older children (as passengers getting out). Younger children need to learn to wait until their parents or carers open the car door and have child locks fitted.

Finally before you go, if you work in active travel engagement or road safety education - for any ages - take a look at our full product range over on our Brightkidz site as we'd love to help support your campaigns. Brightwayz social enterprise is funded by sales income from our amazing products with all profits ploughed back to meet our aims of promoting safe, active, sustainable everyday travel for all.