Get Cycling This Spring at Free Local Events

By Alison Holland

Published: March 11, 2022

Spring is in the air and here at Brightwayz we love getting out and about in our local community and organising some great free cycling events.

We are based in Kettering, North Northants and we hope what we are doing here will help inspire you elsewhere in the UK. And of course if you are local, come and join in!

National Campaign

Our local events are under the flag of the Big Bike Revival which is a national campaign organised by Cycling UK. This is funded by the Department for Transport and delivered across the UK by different community organisations.
The aim is to make cycling easy, attractive and accessible for more adults - particularly those who would love to cycle but just need a bit of help to get going.

This could be that they:

  • Need their bike fixed
  • Need to learn how to fix a bike
  • Need a bit of help with confidence riding
  • Or they just want to have a few buddies to go out cycling with.
Cycling event big bike.

Kettering Events

Here in Kettering we have already held a few events since late last year as part of the Big Bike Revival. Now we have a few more planned… and others in the pipeline with dates and details yet to be announced.

FIxing a bicycle. Cycle service. Big bike revival hospital.


Take a look at what we’ve got going on here in Kettering...

  • Community Cycle Ride - Sun 13th Mar 2pm - Cornmarket Hall to Wicksteed Park
  • Cycle Maintenance - Tues 15 Mar 10am-2pm - The Green Patch
  • Cycle 'Learn to Fix' - Weds 16 Mar 12pm-2pm - Kettering General Hospital 
  • Cycle 'Learn to Fix' - Thurs 17 Mar 10am-2pm - The Green Patch 
  • Cycle 'Learn to Fix' - Sat 2 Apr 12-2pm - Kettering Buccleuch Academy 
  • Cycle Maintenance - Sat 2 Apr 2-4pm - Kettering Buccleuch Academy 
Cycle event March April.

All our local events are updated and advertised on our Facebook page at So take a look for more info.

Find out more about the Big Bike Revival and what's going on in your area at

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