Scootfit comes to Grange Primary!

By Alison Holland

Published: April 26, 2019

People on scooters.
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Alison, Eryn and Fiona had a fantastically fun afternoon at Grange Primary School in Kettering on Friday, 22nd March joining James from Scootfit delivering sessions to a range of year groups.

James had been going from the morning, so he was in full swing when we arrived at the end of his session before lunch.This gave us the chance to chat with Lydia Meek, Deputy Head about how the school is progressing with their Modeshift STARS award and take some photographs for an active travel guide by Brightkidz.

Straight away we could see how brilliant the children at the school were! The Road Safety Heroes joined in the fun and we recruited some younger students to help out. We were lucky enough to have Kirsty Edmonds along to take some great photos for us. As a professional photographer more used to action shots of rugby players and footballers, the job of capturing some children walking along the street proved no challenge.

Year 6 scoot!

Once the business of pictures for the active travel guide had been taken care of, it was on to the serious business of Scootfit. We joined the Year 6 class in their session and loved the enthusiasm shown by pupils and staff. The first job was to put on safety equipment, including helmets, knee pads and elbow protectors. Suitably attired, the children then listened as James explained the important factors of scooting; I didn’t realise that a slight bend in the knee makes it easier! After this, all the children had a test lap or two to make sure they were getting the basics right. James watched attentively to pick up any issues with form or confidence and everyone was soon happily pootling past as though they had been doing it for years.

What was very interesting to discover from the staff was the number of students who had never scooted before. This was an assumption we had all made: children can scoot. This made the day even more significant, especially as we saw a few tumbles and tears from some of the children, who then got up and carried on. James acknowledged that this was one of the most powerful “side effects” of Scootfit: Children realise they are resilient or can be taught how to overcome the adversity of falling. I think we could all learn a thing or two from a Scootfit session!

It wasn’t long before the adults couldn’t stop themselves and were cruising around supporting the pupils, some even conceding that they were having a blast.

Next up… Year 2!

The time with Year 6 seemed to evaporate in no time, meaning Year 2 were up next. There was a little uncertainty about how they might respond to the sessions, but for no reason. The children were cooperative, supportive and energetic for the entire session. What a joy to watch a class of smaller children working together with big smiles on their faces. As the Year 2 class showed their skills, I found out a bit more about James, who is originally from Kettering and was thrilled to be back in his home town sharing his passion for all things scooting, safety and fun. His manner with the children was warm and engaging, always motivating them to think positively about their experiences. We were so motivated, we all had a go too!

Kids walking to school. Kids on scooters. Teacher on a scooter.

And finally… Nursery!

The final part of our day with Grange was with the Nursery children having their own small session on scooters and balance bikes. The Head Teacher, Mr Latimer even gave us a demonstration of his skills on a scooter and the balance bike, something I am sure the children will talk about for a long time to come! The nursery children were fantastic in their skills on the playground, showing again the wonderful attitude of the children at the school and the supportive atmosphere provided by the staff. The children were so keen to show us their skills, they even took Bunny for a ride or two.

Brightkidz would like to thank James at Scootfit and all the staff and students at Grange Primary School for their amazing hospitality and enthusiasm. We had a great time seeing the positive active travel message being spread by the school and the knowledge and skills offered by James working hand-in-hand. All of us here at Brightkidz are really looking forward to the next session.

Girl on scooter. Nursery children on scooters. Alison and teachers on scooters.

If your school is interested in holding a Scootfit event in school time or even as a holiday club, then contact us and we will help you organise the perfect activity for children of all ages.