We offer a wide range of services in partnership with a team of talented, experienced professionals who share our values, understand sustainablity principles and apply the most up to date approaches.

From back to work travel planning, development site travel planning, walk to school campaigns, scooter training, LCWIP and strategy planning to cycle shelter installation and gardening projects to engage communities in their modal filter street planters, we’re here to help.

Travel Planning

Developing a travel plan is a requirement of planning permission for many building developments.

If that’s all you need, please don’t come to us.

Brightwayz travel plans are designed to be delivered and to provide measurable impact over the short, medium and long term. They are used to lay out measures to positively enable and encourage active travel and a reduction in car dependency to benefit the whole community.

All are developed using the DfT-backed Modeshift STARS tool and award scheme and can cover schools, workplaces, hospitals, communities, residential developments and more.

Get in touch to discuss how we can support your travel plan needs.

Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Planning

LCWIPs are essential for local authorities to develop not only to give themselves a good guide of what measures to build, but are key for attracting government funding to implement them.

Government funding pots can appear very quickly and by already having an ‘oven ready’ project idea embedded in an approved LCWIP the authority has best chance of success.

Wider recognition of our climate emergency along with the changes in priorities, habits and needs due to Covid-19 has changed our society. Is your LCWIP ready and relevant? If not, get in touch to discuss.

Street Filters and Community Engagement

A modal filter could just be a box put in the middle of the street to stop motor vehicles getting through.

Or it could be a green oasis which draws in the community who care and nurture it – providing not just buy-in but other benefits such as mental well-being, building cross-generational and cross-ethnicity relationships, neighbourhood pride, nature lessons and having somewhere for the bees to go.

Find out about our street filter community project support service. Currently available in London and by arrangement in areas outside London.

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