Walking Bubble School 5 Minutes Lamp Post Sticker

Mark out your 5-minute walking zone with these eye-catching lamp post stickers. DfT-backed Modeshift STARS official resource.


Mark out your 5 minute walk zone, or Walking Bubble, with these easy-to-apply lamp post stickers – part of our Modeshift STARS ‘Walking Bubbles’ range of products. Eye-catching lamp post sticker ready-printed with this colourful design to complement other resources for this scheme or to be used as a stand-alone resource.

  • Durable, weather-proof, non-fade vinyl sticker.
  • Diameter: 10cm.
  • Apply to smooth, clean, rigid surfaces eg lamp posts and other suitable street furniture.
  • Position at ‘gateways’ to five minute walking zone around school area – the stickers mark the area where parents are requested not to drive for school drop off/pick up.
  • Supports the DfT-backed Modeshift Walking Bubble scheme but also suitable for use for other active travel/health initiatives.
  • Please note, where this item is applied within the realm of the public highway, eg on lamp posts on the street, if you are not already part of or working with your local highways authority, we advise you to contact them for permission.
  • Available individually (min order 5) or as part of our ‘Walking Bubble’ launch pack.
  • Additional stock designs may be developed on request.
  • Custom designs also available.