Scooterpod, Mushroom Scooter Storage

Store up to 12 scooters in this unique, fun, space-saving scooter storage solution. If using on grass or soft surfaces, choose ‘with base’.


The Scooterpod is a unique scooter storage solution. The fun and colourful innovation is ideal for nurseries, primary schools and child-focused public spaces such as parks or low traffic neighbourhoods. Each secures 12 scooters.

  • Storage for up to 12 standard or micro scooters.
  • The Mushroom Scooterpod consists of two semi-circles which, placed together, give 12 storage spaces.
  • Alternative arrangement is to position each semi-circle against a wall to create two storage pods storing 5 scooters each.
  • 100% Recyclable plastic (colours: Red, Blue, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple). 100% Recyclable and 100% Recycled plastic
  • Size: height 519mm, diameter 790mm.
  • Space needed if installed as single unit: 1696mm diameter – includes ‘roll out’ space.
  • Space needed if installed as two semi-circles side by side against wall: total wall length 3390mm. Min distance between pods: 993mm.
  • Overall weight: 12kg.
  • The Scooterpod is manufactured in the UK.
  • If the Scooterpod is going on a soft surface such as grass, wood chips or ‘soft play’ tarmac, you will need to select the product which includes an additional freestanding base. This is weighted for stability but can be moved around.
  • If the Scooterpod is going onto a hard surface such as concrete or tarmac, a base is not required. Ground fixings and resin are supplied which enables your site manager or caretaker to easily install.
  • Scooterpods come in a great range of colour options which you can mix and match to your liking. Let us know when ordering which colours you would like.
  • Linear scooterpods are also available which you can combine with mushroom scooterpods to create an island with capacity for 24 scooters. Footprint for this is 2900mm x 1700mm. Please contact us for prices.
  • Canopies are also available. Please contact us for details.
  • Please allow 14-21 days for delivery.
  • Prices apply to UK mainland – for Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland please contact us.