Active Travel to School Rewards Pack

Bumper pack of incentives or rewards for those pupils who take part in your walk, cycle or scoot initiatives.


Looking for incentives or rewards for your local active travel pupil champions? Our Active Travel Rewards Pack is perfect for schools as it has a wide range of fun, practical goodies to support any walk, cycle or scoot to school schemes.

  • Ideal for giveaways or rewards for pupils taking part in active travel initiatives.
  • Or use for a school enterprise project linked in with active travel.
  • Ideal product for a local business to donate to a school.
  • Schools organising a sale using this pack counts towards Modeshift STARS UK school travel accreditation scheme.
  • Opportunity for secondary schools to engage with local feeder primary schools to promote active travel and road safety.
  • Pack includes a range of our fluorescent, reflective products for day, dusk and night time visibility at pocket-money prices in some of our most popular styles.
  • Also includes a selection of practical, fun stationary items to take your active travel message into the classroom and a fun mascot for your class.
  • Contents (colours vary):
    • 1 high vis mascot (bunny, teddy or hedgehog supplied).
    • 4 calculator rulers.
    • 8 stretchy lights (mix red and white).
    • 30 pencils (walk, wheel, cycle, scoot design).
    • 10 active travel rubbers.
    • 30 reflective zip clips (scoot, cycle, walk mix designs).
    • 10 Be Bright Get Walking clip-on reflectors.
    • 6 Foot shaped badges.
    • 6 Active travel badges.
    • 6 ‘star’ highlighter pens.
    • 10 sheets of 4 smile stick-on reflectors (can be sold/handed out individually, total 40 stick-on reflectors).
    • 3 sheet stickers – walk/scoot/cycled to school today designs.
    • 10 'How will I get to school' leaflets
  • Pack contents may vary but will be of same or higher value.
  • Total number of items: 148.
  • For 10+ packs we can print your campaign details on pack label free of charge.
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months.