Cycle Seat Cover RPET

Helps keep your saddle dry and protected.


These are great if you are organising a massive cycle promotion campaign and need a practical eco-friendly engagement resource. Or promoting cycling at a school or university… or you just want to show your business is cycle-friendly by giving your customers or staff a low-cost ‘thank you’. Here’s the perfect answer. These are low cost, bright, fun and can help protect cycle saddles from the elements when parked. Either choose unprinted or to get your campaign or branding message out there, choose printed.

  • Minimum quantity: 10.
  • Available in a range of bright colours - Please ask about current stock availability.
  • Made of Recycled PET plastic (RPET).
  • These are showerproof but not fully waterproof.
  • Size: approx 26 x 21cm (top and sides). Suitable for most cycle saddles.
  • Elasticated edging; easy to take on and off.
  • Designed to protect saddle when not in use – remove before riding.
  • Good area (9cm x 9cm) for printing your logo/campaign message, 
  • If you would like this item custom printed please select option above.