Supporting community cycle campaigns - Top Products

By Alison Holland

Published: January 18, 2024

Cyclists in the woods

If, like me, you are involved in running a community cycle group, or you are trying to organise campaigns to promote cycling in your community, you’ll always be keen to get more people on board. Here are some ideas for resources we offer which not only help attract participants but to also help them have safe and comfortable cycle trips.

First though - what do we mean by ‘community cycling’. Really it’s about cycling being for anyone, anywhere, with any ability, as opposed to competitive, super fit sporty people who enjoy going fast, doing amazing BMX stunts or heading onto rugged mountain trails.

So the pace may be slower but the benefits are many.

Community cycling may involve a group of people cycling together to gain confidence to then head to the shops on their own. This ability to leave the car behind gives more freedom and more choices and of course saves money.

With ‘community cycling’ we aren’t just thinking about the community group you may be riding with, but also the wider community you are bringing benefits to by choosing a cleaner, greener, safer, quieter, less space-consuming mode of transport.


Cycle ride through the woods

Here are some top products from our product range here at Brightwayz to support your community cycling campaigns.

High vis waistcoat - ideal for ride leaders. Choose traditional yellow or another bright colour. We can print your logo or group name on the back - it’s a great way to advertise.

Bike bells - let us customise with your club logo.

Cycle shopper bags - if you want to enable easy shopping trips by bike these are great. They clip on and off a rear rack on a bike.

yellow and orange high vis waistcoats Bike bells I love my bike. Cycle Shopper bag In Use.

Cycle repair tool kits - as well as handy puncture repair materials, our pouches have a great combi tool with allen keys and sockets to help you adjust parts of your bike as needed.

Cycle seat covers - keep your saddle dry in a downpour. Especially good if your saddle tends to absorb the rain and then give you a wet behind!

Spokie Dokies - great to give out to older kids. They clip to spokes and have a reflective band to help night time visibility. Although they come in packs of 36, you can hand out one at a time to children participating in your activity.

Brightwayz Cycle Tool Kit Open Brightwayz Active Travel Cycle Seat Cover . Spokie Dokies Packaging.

Reflective drawstring bag - one bright item that everyone including teenagers and young adults will like. They may not stand out in the crowd in daytime but after dark these reflect car headlights so they show up really well in night time trafffic.

Cycle gloves - dress for winter cycling with these snug, warm gloves. Some spare pairs to lend out to newbies who come along on winter rides will make them more likely to come back again. The yellow ones are great for your ride leader as hand signals are really clear.

Cycle helmet cover - for those who really love to be bright you can even bling your helmet with high vis! 

Reflective Drawstring Bag Cycle Gloves, two pairs, in yellow and black Cycle Helmet Cover

We hope that has inspired you. Get in touch if you need help or advice with your active travel resources as we have a fantastic range!

Here at Brightwayz social enterprise we love to provide information and tips to help you, your colleagues, friends and family travel in safe, active, sustainable ways for everyday journeys.

Our unique range of products is here to help support your active travel campaigns and 100% of profits from sales is ploughed back to support the work we do. Take a look at our range here and find something to help you inspire others to travel in good ways.