Two Become One With a Shiny New Brightwayz Website

By Alison Holland

Published: September 29, 2023

New Website Image Smaller.

Regular visitors to our Brightwayz and Brightkidz websites may have noticed a difference in the last few weeks - two have become one.  Our former Brightwayz website, featuring active travel campaign products for workplaces and communities has merged with our Brightkidz website which features active travel information and resources for schools and children.


Easier Product Selection

If you take a look at some of our products which have different design options - maybe our fun-shaped rigid reflectors - you can now easily and quickly select how many of each design you need, rather than having to type your choice details.

Adult and Child Products Together

So many of our products are suitable for all ages that it makes sense to put them all together but clearly marked when child and adult versions vary. You will see our popular high vis child waistcoats sit alongside our high vis adult waistcoats so you can easily buy waistcoats for all participants, whatever their age.


Rigid Reflector on Clip Different designs and colours.

Which Category?

It’s worth getting familiar with our new category groups so you can easily find the products you are after. Here’s a summary:

Shop - for all our product range.

High Vis Accessories - waistcoats, reflectors, high vis bags; all plain or printed with your logo.

Cycle and Scooter Racks - safe, attractive simple storage for your scooters and cycles.

Pop-ups and Parklets - support for your events and outdoor activities.

Signs, Banners and Stickers - printed materials to grab attention to your messages.

Walk and Cycle Incentives - a great range of practical products to make walking, cycling and other forms of sustainable travel easier.

Modeshift STARS Shop - official resources to support schemes such as the Modeshift Walking Bubble.

Playing Out Shop - official shop to equip your local play streets with Playing Out resources.

Active Travel Packs - our convenient ready-picked selections of active travel resources for school or work.

Books and Leaflets - information leaflets and cards to support your campaigns.

Stationery - practical and useful incentives ready printed with active travel messages or with your own design.


Or  Do You Need General Promotional Products?

If you are looking for something more general printed with your campaign message - whether for an active travel campaign or simply and marketing campaign, take a look at our Brand My Thingy range. 100% of profits are ploughed back to support our active travel  campaigns.

Need Help Finding the Right Products for Your Campaigns?

If you are organising an active travel campaign and would like help to choose the right resources for your needs and your audience, please get in touch to request a free 20 minute consultation with our Director.

Brand My Thingy logo and product categories