Walking Bus Video Project with Bath and North East Somerset Council

By Alison Holland

Published: March 21, 2021

“How do you start a walking bus?” is a question we are often asked. Setting up what is effectively an organised walking group is a great way to encourage more walking to school. If you’ve seen groups of children heading for school decked out in high vis jackets, you’ve probably seen a walking bus.

For years we have been providing information about walking bus schemes… Brightkidz actually started after we set up a walking bus at our own local school and realised there was a need for more resources to support them (which is why we started with selling high vis jackets).

However, we know there is a need for some really engaging resources to not only give information about walking buses but to inspire and encourage others to join in or set up their own. We have been working with Bath and North East Somerset Council to collaborate with them on a project to develop a fun and informative professionally produced walking bus video and toolkit.

The videos are all now available for you to use and included a fun animation about the walking bus, interviews with teachers, interviews with parents and a series of tips from Alison here at Brightkidz.  Bath and North East Somerset are also developing a full toolkit of forms and information to help you start a walking bus – this is aimed at schools in their county but can be adapted by other local authorities. Here’s the animation – the video interviews can be see from our vimeo channel at vimeo.com/brightkidz

Walking bus organising. Brainstorming walking bus ideas.

Brainstorming ideas for the walking bus video and toolkit at Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Parents, teachers, local authority travel planners and a professional videographer (Sara from Suited and Booted CIC) got involved in developing the Walking Bus video and toolkit along with Brightkidz.