Which Books Can Inspire Active Travel?


Published: March 7, 2019

Books on a buidling.
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At this time of year, parents, teachers, library staff and children are all obsessed with World Book Day. Which led me to wonder which books are out there to help inspire better travel choices? Below are my top 5 (in no particular order!) followed by 3 favourites from Brightkidz:

100 Things for Little Children to do on a Train.

This isn’t so much a book, as a box of tricks! Wipe-clean cards with 100 different activities to do with small children whilst on the train (and none of them involve using a smart phone to keep them quiet!).

As you can see, there are different types of things to do and this pack should be enough to keep boredom at bay on even longer journeys! I love the idea of this pack, as it is reusable, relies on communication and imagination.  

Pull-Back Busy Train Book

I love this book! It tells the story of a train journey, right from the station… the bonus being, that there is a little toy train and some tracks on the pages for the children to interact with the story!

The inside is colourful and the story winds along the tracks which makes it a great toy as well!

The Best Bike Ride Ever

This is a story about a young girl, who pesters her parents for a new bike until one day she gets her wish. From here, little Bonnie sets off on a series of adventures around some iconic landmarks where she meets some interesting characters. This is a lovely tale about the excitement and perils of that first taste of freedom on a bike. This is available in electronic format or Hardback.

Giraffe on a Bicycle

Another adorable story book, this time about the misadventures of monkey and giraffe after they find a bike and giraffe decides he wants to learn to ride! This is a beautifully illustrated, funny story for children of all ages to enjoy.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

No list of books about active travel would be complete without this classic by Michael Rosen. A beautiful story about a family, who set off on a walking adventure across fields, through woods and all manner of weathers. This is a true family story, inspiring us all to put on our boots and explore the wilderness on our doorstep.

And now from the Brightkidz range…

A Rabbit’s Tale

Rabbit learns from the other animals about how to be bright when out and about; the owl, the fox, the cat and the glowworms all have good advice. Written by Road Safety Officer and former teacher, Rob Bounds.

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Why Animals Can’t Ride Bikes… And You Can

What happens when the animals try to ride a bike… the chameleon can’t be seen and the sloths are too lazy to check their bikes are safe.

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Why Animals Can’t Ride Scooters… And You Can

Scooters really aren’t for the animals, but they are great for you. Find out what happens when the hare rides too fast and the giraffe gets in a tangle.

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