World Car Free Day

By Alison Holland

Published: October 6, 2022

Just for one day… just leave your car at home… and travel in another way. This is the main message behind ‘World Car Free Day’ which falls on 22 September every year.

In Town Without My Car Day

Also known as the slightly more personal ‘In Town Without My Car Day’, this is a celebration and worldwide initiative to encourage motorists to take a break from driving and explore alternatives. It falls within European Mobility Week which in the UK is coordinated by Modeshift TravelWise and known here as TravelWise Week.

We know it would be better for people to leave the car at home way more than just one day a year but for some at least it is a start.

By trying another way once, those who have a ‘drive everywhere’ habit embedded in their daily lives may get to appreciate that other ways of travelling are realistic… and even enjoyable.

In town without the car.

Why October?

So why am I writing this in October? This year here in the UK many events which were planned for mid to late September were postponed due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Instead there are a lot more now taking place in October, including many ‘car free day’ related events.

TravelWise Week this year will run from 16 to 22 October. Here at Brightwayz we are proud to be members of Modeshift Travelwise which supports active travel campaign professionals in the UK. Look out for the logo and range of events by fellow members which are taking place over Travelwise Week.

Free car day campaign.

We will be taking part this year by supporting one of our local partners, Rushden Lakes retail and leisure centre, with their 'Let's Go Green' event on Saturday 22 October.

In addition October is always International Walk to School month. So let’s bring the children into this too. Walking to school is an excellent choice not just for car free day events but for any day.


An Opportunity for Active Travel Events

It is of course a perfect opportunity for those involved in promoting active travel and sustainable transport, whether community champions or experienced professionals, to organise events around this for workplaces, schools or other organisations.

One day may not make a difference but as anyone working in active travel promotion knows it is part of a long term process of chipping away to try and help change habits. Even those not taking part will have their awareness raised by the sight of a poster or the conversation of a friend or family member who took part.

Woman on a bicycle.

World Car Free Day Classroom Resources

If you are a teacher or work with children to increase their awareness and understanding of the importance of making good travel choices, take a look at our classroom PowerPoint resources. Contact us to request this file free of charge.

These complement any car free day activities you may be having any time and provide a range of ideas for discussions and creative writing classroom activities.

World car free day school resources.

Enjoy Your Events

Whatever you choose to do over October to promote active travel in your area, we wish you the best of luck and hope you have enjoyable and successful events and initiatives.

If you are looking for products to support your campaigns don’t forget to check out our range for all ages too.

Here at Brightwayz social enterprise we love to provide information and tips to help you, your colleagues, friends and family travel in safe, active, sustainable ways for everyday journeys.

Our unique range of products is here to help support your active travel campaigns and 100% of profits from sales is ploughed back to support the work we do. Take a look at our full range here and find something to help you inspire others to travel in good ways.