2019 - 2020 with Brightkidz

2019-2020 – A Year in the Life of Brightkidz

It’s been another busy (academic) year for us at Brightkidz with lots of activities with local schools and other organisations as we headed out of 2019 and into 2020. And of course a strange and challenging time for us all in 2020. Here is an insight into what we’ve been up to, who we’ve been helping and some of our impact.

Take a peek and find out why the teddies came to school, how lockdown led us to launch new products and ‘at home’ active travel free resources, our new partnerships and the launch of our new website – Brightwayz – to help adults with their active travel initiatives too. (Why should kids have all the fun?).

By the way, the pdf version at the end will enable you to follow the links to any videos and blogs we mention if you want to find out more.

A year with brightkidz 2019-20

Download here as a pdf and click on the links to see resources mentioned.

What’s Planned for the Coming Year?

As we head into the new school year we will be focusing not just on active travel resources and support for schools but for all ages with the expansion of our Brightwayz range. Our partnership with Modeshift and our work on the Walking Bubble resource development will grow too. We will be bringing you plenty more online resources via our blogs and social media to help you with active travel wherever you are. Locally our Wicksteed Park project should be really taking off too and we hope to extend the number of partnerships and projects we do.

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