Cycle Training in Kettering

We offer a range of cycling training opportunities here near our base in Kettering, North Northamptonshire.

If you are NOT local to us and are interested in cycling training, please contact your own local authority for training opportunities closer to you.

Some are fully funded as part of a project, some are part-funded and some we need to charge for. We try to keep our charges, where applicable, as affordable as we can. We also are happy to give information about other providers offering cycle training in the area.

Bikeability for Schools

Bikeability is the new standard for cycle training for children - today's equivalent of the old 'cycling proficiency' courses.  In North Northants this is delivered by Outspoken through local schools and coordinated by North Northamptonshire Council. Usually Year 5 and Year 6 pupils (9 to 11 year olds) are offered the chance to do Levels 1 (playground based) and 2 (quiet roads). Some may proceed to Level 3 which gives them the skills to be able to cycle confidently on busier roads, eg to secondary school. If you are a parent interested, please contact your child's schools to ask about opportunities. If you represent a school, please get in touch with North Northamptonshire Highways for information.

Cycle confidence training.

Missed Bikeability? Summer Holiday Cycle Training

For children ages 11+ who, for whatever reason, have missed the opportunity to do and fully complete Bikeability Levels 1 and 2 in school, Brightwayz are organising summer holiday sessions. These are chargeable but subsidised by us.  Please get in touch or see our facebook page at for latest details and to sign up.

Adult Learn to Cycle Sessions

We offer one-to-one or small group learn to cycle sessions for adults. These are currently through our Big Bike Revival project funded by Cycling UK. If you are interested please email us or pop into our Active Travel Hub for a chat in person. Latest dates are published on our facebook page.

Adult Cycle Confidence Sessions

If you would like to get back on your bike after a long break, or just need some help to feel confident enough to cycle around town, try one of our cycle confidence sessions for adults (ages 16+). You will start on a playground with some coordination activities and proceed to cycling on the street when you are ready for that. There you will learn how to cycle safely, for example avoiding car door zones and becoming a confident rider. These are currently part of our Big Bike Revival project funded by Cycling UK and so are free to participate. See our facebook page for latest dates or get in touch.

Ride Leader Training

If you are already a confident cyclist and interested in volunteering as a ride leader for our community cycle rides we can offer free ride leader training. In addition we can offer some funded first aid training courses for ride leaders. Both of these are funded by and led by Cycling UK. Please get in touch if you are interested or see our facebook page for forthcoming training.

Other Cycle Training Opportunities

Please get in touch if you are based near Kettering and have other cycle training needs. This includes learn to ride for younger children, SEN cycling, corporate cycle training for your staff and other opportunities.  We can discuss how we can best help you.