You ‘May’ recognise this politician who joined our local walking bus many years ago!

Whatever your political views, it is often a good idea to invite politicians to see your initiatives… and they are often keen to be invited.

For them it is not just a potential PR opportunity. They want to gain an understanding of what is going on inside your community and see how ideas you are implementing can be replicated to help solve problems further afield.

It’s also good if they learn what really matters to you as they may be able to support your aims better now or in future. Whether they are putting together their manifesto, deciding which bills to support or next voting in parliament, the knowledge they have gained from your scheme could be influencing factor.

Theresa May.

Remember your local MP is there to serve you so make the most of them and any other MP guests they bring too. If you want to invite them to your events, contact their office and find out when they are available. (Friday’s can be good when parliament is in sitting as they are more likely to be in their constituencies then).

And make sure you get a photo – you never know; the politician you invite might one day become Prime Minister!