Press and Publicity

Read all about it! Read all about it! If you’ve organised a walk-to-school initiative or event and it’s been a big success, it’s great to let others know about it. But how do you get the word out?

What you need to do is plan ahead and send out a press release. Here we look at what this is, how you or your pupils can write an effective one and why getting press coverage isn’t just good for your school but has wider benefits.

What are the Benefits of Getting Press Coverage?

What is a Press Release?

When Should I Send it?

What Should Be Included in A Press Release?

More Tips for Your Press Release

Where Should I Send My Press Release?

You will know your local press better than we do but here are some links to different media outlets. Each will have contact details where you can send a press release. Find out in advance their deadline for copy (especially printed press such as newspapers).

Photo Opportunities

And Finally

We hope you get the press coverage you desire. Don’t forget to use your social media channels too as they are free and easy to do quickly. And of course if your press release is successful and you get good coverage you can put that out on social media too. See the social media information on our Contact Us page for how to get featured on our social media.