Scoot Safely

Scooting to school is growing in popularity; for the children it’s a fun, fast way to get there. It’s also a great way to get children more active and is a great sustainable solution to coming to school by car.

Learning to Scoot Safely

Although you can just hop on a scooter and ride, pupils need to learn how to ride safely so they don’t harm themselves, and recognise that they have to share the paths and not harm or intimidate others. It’s best to start with a scooter skills training course in the school playground. A few local authorities have run training schemes so check out their websites.

How to Scoot Safely

Here are some practical tips for scooting safely.

Thanks and credit to our friends at Serious Comedy for the ‘How to Scoot Safely’ tips, Modeshift for information on Bromley Council’s Scootsure Scheme and to Ladycross Infant School for their resource information.

Photos used with kind permission: Sustainable Travel Team at Derbyshire County Council.

How to Encourage Scooting to School