Walking Bubble Launch Pack

Launch your 5-Minute Walking Bubble with this bounty pack of walking bubble resources for schools – banners, bollard covers and flags.


Launch pack to promote your school’s ‘5-Minute Walking Bubble’. Modeshift or TfL STARS range of #staysafegetactive products for this active travel to school zone scheme. Make walking, cycling, scooting and rolling safer on the journey to and from school and provide space for social distancing outside school gates. Make a big show of your launch with these eye-catching fun resources.

Please choose 'Modeshift STARS' design for schools in England outside London and choose 'TfL STARS' design for schools in London.

Pack contents:

  • 3 x 5-Minute Walking Bubble bollard cover ready-printed with this colourful design. Position at edge of walk zone and outside school to promote to five minute walking zone (5-minute walking bubble) around school area. Features TfL STARS or Modeshift STARS logo and web address.
  • 3 x #staysafegetactive and 2 x ‘5 minutes to school’ design pavement stickers to mark out your zone.
  • 2 x banners to attach to school fence for eye-catching promotion of your scheme from two approaches. Features TfL STARS or Modeshift STARS logo and web address.
  • 25 x paper flags for launch day celebrations and for pupils to keep as a reminder of the scheme. Features TfL STARS or Modeshift STARS web address.
  • 10m yellow and blue launch day bunting with fun scoot and walk designs. Reusable for all your active travel events and promotions. Note image is approx representation of product and does not show the pennants are actually spaced apart. Standard is walk/scoot but can be walk/cycle for secondaries.
  • 5 x lamp post stickers with ‘5 minutes to school’ design.
  • 7 x ‘walk, scoot, cycle’ sticker sheets.
  • 2 x  ‘park and stride sticker sheets.

All items also available to purchase separately or in other combinations on request.