Social Enterprise Place

We have produced the following video as part of our local town’s application to be listed as a ‘Social Enterprise Place’ – a national scheme recognising places which are a hub of social enterprise activity.

Who’s Bettering Kettering? An Introduction to Social Enterprises in Our Town

What does one of the UK’s best-known leisure parks have in common with a retail crime initiative, a walk-to-school organisation and a theatre group for young adults with autism? Meet nine social enterprises from Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK… providing a wide variety of benefits for their own community and beyond.

These not-for-profit businesses all are driven by social or environmental aims. Some are also charities but they all have their own income streams… from providing a service, renting out property or selling products. Some started up elsewhere in Northamptonshire – but all have a base in Kettering now.

This video gives you an introduction but look out for our forthcoming series of short videos featuring more about each social enterprise you meet here.

Produced by Julia Holland, an A level media student, for Brightkidz social enterprise as part of the town’s application to be recognised as a ‘Social Enterprise Place’ – a hotspot of social enterprise activity. Video released to coincide with Buy Social Week in October 2019.

The Story Behind the Video