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Take part in Brightkidz ST:EPS Corby

We are keen to work with more Corby schools – if you are a teacher interested in taking part or a local business interested in sponsoring a school’s participation, please get in touch.

School Kids in high vis
Kids in school.

ST:EPS is growing… and heading a little north to Corby, Northamptonshire.

We would love to develop our ST:EPS project beyond our work in Kettering starting with schools in Corby.

Building on Existing Partnerships

We have been collaborating with the Safer Communities team at Corby Borough Council for several years on events such as Road Safety Week, delivering fun ‘be bright’ road safety workshops to some of the rural schools. So we are delighted to be starting the first ST:EPS project with a Corby school this term – Priors Hall Community School. This school’s participation is funded by Corby Borough Council and developers Urban & Civic.

Benefits for Corby Schools

The ST:EPS Corby project will support Corby schools in promoting safe, active, sustainable travel for children, link schools to resources and guide them to achieving the Modeshift STARS national school travel accreditation. This is all whilst helping the schools meet other objectives such as health, fitness, road safety, attendance, learning, punctuality, parent engagement and raising the profile of the schools in the local community.

About Corby

Corby was a small village which became a large town with the growth in population of workers required for the steelworks in the 1950s. Sometimes called ‘mini Scotland’ due to the large number who moved to the town from Glasgow between the ’50s and ’70s, it also has a large Irish population. The town was in decline in the 1980s (remember the hit album ‘Steel Town’ by 80’s band Big Country? That was about Corby!). However, now it is one of the fastest growing towns in the UK and is thriving again.