Activity: Twilight Trails

A Twilight Trail is a fun road safety activity where children search for fluorescent, reflective ‘treasure’ as daylight is fading and night falls. It helps them understand how fluorescent materials show up in fading daylight and reflective materials work after dark.

How to Organise a Twilight Trail

What is Great About Twilight Trails?

Challenges With Organising Twilight Trails

Twilight Trails in Action

Road safety officers from Thurrock Council have been running Twilight Trails each autumn for several years after hearing about a similar scheme in Devon. They work with the borough’s primary schools and use it to make sure young children – and their parents – know the importance of being seen.

As the evening progressed and it got dark they could see the hidden reflectors really well by torchlight or phone light.

Thanks to Julie at Thurrock Council for sharing this inspiring idea. Header photo credit: Thurrock Council.