Bright Activity Ideas Intro

Are you looking for inspiration on how to teach children to ‘be bright be seen’?

We have put together some activity ideas to help get the message across in a fun creative way. We also help out with resource ideas for the activities – some can be purchased from us, some can be found in most classrooms and some are using upcycled high vis items which you may already have.

An old high vis jacket can be cut up for collages and ‘be bright be seen’ displays… one or two jackets will go a long way and even if you need to purchase them, it is a very low cost per child! Fluorescent or neon paper (available from good stationers) can be used in many activities.

If you don’t have reflectors in your class, ask pupils to bring in any they have so you can use them for activities.

Some creative resources we offer which you may find useful include: Highlighter pensblank fluorescent stickers and reflective stick on squares. Our Mini High Vis Craft Pack is designed for individual children or families who want to get creative.

Most of the activities here are suitable for primary school age pupils but we also feature some ideas for pre-schools or secondary schools. We would love to feature more ideas so please let us know how you get on. Please share your ideas on social media too (tag us @brightkidz for twitter or brightkidzuk on Instagram)